Welcome to John Gagnon's Website

Created to track my progress to completing the 2006 Trans-NH 250 Bike Ride

250 miles from the NH/Canadian border to Portsmouth, NH over three days (June 23-25)

My personal participation is dedicated to my daughter,

Noelle Gagnon's, memory

Noelle Marie Gagnon

12/28/1984 - 05/19/1996




I completed all but 19 of the 250 mile ride and surprised myself in the process!

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Welcome to my website dedicated to my daughter, Noelle Gagnon.  This website was created to log my plans and challenges to train for the 2006 19th Annual Firefighters Trans-NH Bike Ride benefiting the Muscular Dystrophy Association of New Hampshire.  I personally participated in this ride in memory of my daughter, Noelle, who died from muscular dystrophy on May 19, 1996.  I asked friends, family and those who have known or lives have been touched in some manner by Noelle and/or Muscular Dystrophy to make a donation to MDA in her memory through my efforts to complete this ride and the response was incredible.

 THANK YOU----------Fundraising Total----------THANK YOU

$3810 Credit card donations via my MDA donation webpage

$6495 Cash and check donations sent to me which I forwarded to MDA


$10,305 Total


My sincere and deepest thanks all who have donated to this effort.  YOU are my heroes! 


For their special donations thanks to the following:

New Hampshire Knights of Columbus State Council

My own Knights of Columbus Council - Bishop Peterson Council 4442 - Salem, NH

Silvestri Construction Corp. - Salem, NH

Saint Jude KofC Council 6617 - Plaistow

The Jacob & Laurie Teitelbaum Family Foundation

Mr. Timothy Beaton

Garside Construction, LLC - Epping, NH

Harley Owners Group, Manchester NH Chapter #1294

Susan & Robert Lamontagne

You're all AWESOME!


THANK YOU to all our supporters:

(In no particular order)


N.H. State Council Knights of Columbus Charitable Fund
Anthony & Jacqueline Calvino
Timothy Beaton
Charles & Joan Espinola
Rev. Paul Ruzzo
Paul & Peggy St. Amand
Knights of Columbus, St. Joan of Arc Council #7533
Chanel & Josephine Simard
Cheryl Blake
Robert Fournier (DBA Community Marketing)
Bishop Peterson Council 4442
Sharma Anupindi
Jay Lewis
Knights of Columbus, St. Jude Council (Plaistow)
Butch & Rhonda Quimby
Janet & Eldon Chase
Peter Snyder
Paul & Aline Donovan
Nijaz & Senbina Ruhotina
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Faucher
Robert & Valerie Savastano
Linda O'Brien
William Silvestri/Silvestri Construction Corp.
Julie Kitayama
Nancy Murphy-Walsh
The Jacob & Laurie Teitelbaum Family Foundation
Rosemary Sherman
Terryann Bartlett
James Dubois
John Van Baars
Paul Coville
Kathleen & Edward Pratt
Kim & John DiZazzo
Robert Bryant Sr.
Donald Boland
Dave & Lorraine Thompson Jr.
Elizabeth (Kaplan) & Raymond Geraneo 
Patricia & Christopher Bamford
Richard Ruble
Joy McIntosh
Thomas & Virginia Young
Knights of Columbus, Bishop Peterson Circle 4735 (Salem)
Carol & Bob Touzet
Dr. Anne Filler, DDS
Gerald LeBlanc
Kenneth & Margaret Akerley
Walter (Grim) Drown
Garside Construction, LLC (Jen & Norm Garside III)
Lawrence & Donna Teobbe
Mr. & Mrs. Robert A Gagnon
Eva Barstow
Ursula Gabryielski
Carole Yetter
Marie Caruso
John Benes
Judith Trant
Rita Farrell
Joseph and Judy Blanco
James & Shelley Drewett
Rosemarie & William Neeb
Manchester HOG (Harley Owners Group)
Terence T. Burton
Jennifer Connolly
David Topham
Melanie McLaughlin
Lorna & Julien Roy
David & Melanie Costello
Philip & Karen Boshar
Steve & Michelle Dussault
Roland & Barbara Harmon
Stella Wong & Raymond Tang
Frederick & Geraldine Bean
Diana Kopp
Donna & Thomas Kulesz
Elizabeth & George Abdulla
Elaine Theberge
Andover Hair & Skin Care (Jean Theberge)
Jean Surace
Sr. Rachel Jette
Linda Oura
M. Barbara Herron
Ms. Cecile Lavallee
Pauline Dahood
Jacqueline & James Buck

Diana LeBlanc

Pamela Gould

Scott Harriman & Melanie Hitchcock

Laurence & Verna Belair

Nancy & Gerry Collins

William DeSelle and Gifts Etc. (Marie DeSelle)

Louise Sargent

Patrick & Helen Moeschen

Kathleen & Kenneth Kuhn, Jr.

Nancy Wood
John & Kathy Gagnon
Scott & Cindy Routhier
Leon & Laurie Bagley
Mary Roy
Wilfred & Gertrud Bamford
Tim & Joan Lafferty
Stan Graziano
Bruce Muller
Wilson Kwong
Linda Corrigan
Angela Vano
Terri DiCarli
Christopher Hatem
Robert & Kathleen Morel
Richard Duggan
Frank & Jennifer Vesey
Joel Godwin
Christine Scott
Bernie McGrory
Steve Caruso
Eric Gagnon
Patricia Roselli
Rick Drew
Paul Wallace
Amy Mero
Thomas Wall
Brian Gigliotti
Stephen Garey

Ann Frontino

Alan & Janet Phair

Christopher Gagne

Bob & Susan Lamontagne

Rosemary Hendrickx

Tom & Iris Mulligan